Hannah's Happy Finsheep Farm

About Us

We are a small hobby farm located in Williamsburg, Ohio. I picked the Finn sheep for their friendly personality, multiple lambs and no dehorning or tail docking.
Poppy and Star are very friendly and are my best animal friends I have. Poppy hopes to have babies in March 2013.

You might wonder why my sheep farm is called Hannah's Happy Finn Sheep Farm. My name is Hannah, and my sheep are always happy when they see me.

StarWhen Poppy and Star were born, they got strange names for the pedigree. I did not like to call my Ram, "BHK 1228" and my Ewe, "BHK 1234". Try calling your pet BHK, it just does not flow and the poor animal has to learn numbers as well, since both their name would start the same. It would be like me calling "BHK 1128", and Poppy tells Star, that is you, no, says Star, it must be you. No says Poppy, there were two 2's and my name has just one two. Well, that would be extremely confusing for the poor animals. So I renamed them to names that I like, and names that they can recognize when I call them. Star really knows his name. If I call him, he comes to me. I don't think that "BHK 1228" would have worked so well.

Poppy going for a walk
Although Star and Poppy have large pastures to graze in, I like to take them out for walks. They love it to be taken out of their field. I walked them with a leash, just like you would walk a dog, except Star and Poppy are a lot stronger than a dog. Actually, walking with the sheep is a lot more fun than walking with the dog. Dogs mark their territory, while sheep don't do that (they just leave a trail).

For more information, email us info@hannahshappyfinnsheep.com.

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Friday, June 27, 2014